Hello everyone,


So what happens to a tomboy who you couldn't keep in doors decides to pack up her tiny Toyota with whatever she could fit in it and drive from Wisconsin to Seattle in pursuit of a dream? To sum it up you get Me.

 I was always the one to find a creative outlet,  whether it be riding horses until the stars came out, sneaking off to the art room when I should have been studying ( sorry mom and dad ), decorating cakes and making wood crafts for the county fair, and even taking part in as many school plays as I could. 

To be honest, I have always been in love with the creative world, but I never knew you could make a career out of it. Then, I was introduced to this wonderful world by some amazing creative directors I had the pleasure of working with as a photographers assistant. Never could I have imagined that I would find myself in San Francisco attending graduate school at the Academy of Art University. Now I am here, a MFA graduate of graphic design, excited to immerse myself in the world I once only dreamed about!

© Henry Wu

© Henry Wu

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