As designers we are constantly being exposed to thrive on taking risks at all stages of design.


Design aspects of a film festival dedicated to a director of your choice. Discover the common thread that appears in a set of their films, and conceptualize an aesthetic that brings it to life. Create a system of deliverables that captures the soul of the film festival, and apply to the visual system throughout.

Dark Revelation is dedicated to the director David Fincher. I am an admirer of his techniques including the strong visual sensibility to depict edgy subject matter, and visual sensual overcharged experiences he often creates. The common thread I discovered in the films was how the character’s obsession is fueled by the dark side of the human psyche which forces them to face their internal struggles leading them to the small piece of light in the dark. The film festival tells the story of a detective obsessed with a case.


Creative Quarterly 43 // Runner-up




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