Feed the Creative 001


You know how your professors always told you to get out of your apartment/dorm? You know, to go exploring to feed your creative soul, and you politely listened while nodding your head. And then quickly headed home straight after class to chain yourself to your desk to finish your projects?!? No Just Me. Are you sure? 

Well if you listened to them kudos to you for getting your butts out there, and for those of you like me trust me you aren’t alone. In fact, I had a buddy from class who basically chained themselves right next to me. Even though I graduated what feels like many moons ago (2 years lets not get dramatic) I am demanding of myself to finally taking their advice. I mean it’s never too late right? 

So I’m finally taking those workshops, classes, booking adventures (both big and small), and honestly just getting the heck out there. Because honestly, it's just time to feed my creative soul.


First up was heading off to Gualala CA, A sleepy little town off of Hwy 1. I booked the most adorable Airbnb, https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/5152638, that was perfection. The hosts were fabulous, and the space was super cute, and cozy. The reason I picked Gualala, is I was looking for a location that could offer up a mix of relaxation with a touch of exploring. Taking a moment to simply breath as a creative is super important, especially when you’ve been working on a deadline over the past few months, or year. The highlight of the trip definitely had to be going to the Point Arena Lighthouse, http://pointarenalighthouse.com. The views on the top were amazing, and I’m no history buff, but hearing about how the technology changed over the years was really interesting. Also hands down to all of those lighthouse keepers back in the day.  Fun fact, the light house was actually featured in Forever Young, hello Mel Gibson, and Need for Speed, hello Aaron Paul. 

Overall this little get away is just what my creative soul needed. Please enjoy. 

*disclaimer I am a designer not an english major*